IronPython for Test Automation, Part I

IronPython is an implementation of the Python scripting language which runs in a .NET environment. IronPython supports interactive console sessions as well as dynamic compilation. I think IronPython has great promise as a general purpose test automation language. If you are writing lightweight test automation in a 100% .NET environment, then you are probably better off using C# — although Python does have some very neat features (especially the List and Dictionary objects). But if you are working in a heterogeneous environment (meaning both .NET and non-.NET, and non-Windows environments), then IronPython is a very attractive choice. Because IronPython is .NET compliant you have the enormous power of the .NET Framework available to you. Because IronPython is "true" Python, you can write non-.Windows-based automation too. In other words, in a heterogeneous environment, IronPython meets all your test automation needs so you don’t need, say, C# for your Windows automation and Perl for your non-Windows automation. See for more information about IronPython.

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