Ultra Lightweight HTTP Request-Response Testing with PowerShell

I’ve been deep-diving into the concept of using Windows PowerShell for ultra lightweight software test automation (ULSTA). PowerShell is Microsoft’s new command shell and scripting language, and is available as a free, standalone install from http://www.microsoft.com/powershell. The most basic form of Web testing is HTTP request-response testing; you write a harness which programmatically sends an HTTP request to your Web application, the Web server constructs and ends back an HTTP response, which you then examine for an expected result of some sort. It turns out that PowerShell works very well for this testing task. I’ve written up the details for an MSDN Magazine article which may be published later this year. Ultra lightweight software test automation ULSTA is characterized by being quick to create (under two hours), script-based, short (under two pages), and disposable by design (roughly a two week lifespan). PowerShell and ULSTA work very well together.
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