ULSTA Web App UI Test Automation with PowerShell

I like Windows PowerShell a lot. PowerShell is Microsoft’s new command shell and scripting language which you can think of as a replacement for the old cmd.exe shell and .bat files. I’ve discovered that PowerShell has essentially created an entirely new type of software test automation category that I call ULSTA (for Ultra Lightweight Software Test Automation). For example, suppose you have a Web aplication. Manual testing is slow, error-prone, inefficient, and just plain boring. But writing UI test automation for Web applications can be very, very difficult. However, I’ve done some experiments which have shown me that it is possible to write a tiny library of Web app UI cmdlets (basic PowerShell functions) which in turn allow you to write quick and easy UI Web application test automation. See the image below. I plan to write up the technique and publish it soon — perhaps in MSDN Magazine but I already have probably too many PowerShell-related test automation articles in the MSDN Magazine publication queue, or maybe TechNet Magazine, but more likely a non-Microsoft magazine such as the .NET Developer’s Journal.
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