HTTP Request-Response Testing with jQuery

The jQuery library is an Open Source collection of JavaScript functions that Web application developers can use to easily create neat client-side effects such as fade-in and menus. But the jQuery library can be used write lightweight test automation too. I have been looking at using jQuery to perform lightweight HTTP request-response testing. See the screenshot below for a proof-of-concept. The screenshot shows that I have a test harness in the form of an HTML page. That page references the jQuery library and contains a script that fires off an HTTP request, fetches the HTTP response, and examines the response for an expected value to produce a test case pass/fail result. This technique might be useful in situations where you want to use an HTML-based test harness rather than a shell-based or Windows Form-based test harness. Additionally, investigating test automation that uses new technologies such as jQuery helps testers stay in sync with developers who are using the new technologies.
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