Installing Visual Studio 2010 – Error writing the project file. Class not registered

This weekend I installed the new Visual Studio 2010 on several different machines. I use multiple OS platforms for the articles I write for MSDN Magazine so it’s useful to have Visual Studio installed on machines with different configurations. I had no problems installing on Windows 7 and Windows Vista, but hit a snag on Windows Server 2003 (SP2). After installing Visual Studio 2010, VS launched fine but when I attempted to create a project, I got the not-so-helpful error message “Error writing the project file. Class not registered”. OK. I noticed that when I launched VS for the first time I did not get the option to select a settings configuration, such as General Development Settings or Web Development, like I did with the installs on other machines. In the VS 2010 UI, when I went to Tools | Import and Export Settings, the UI dialog had an empty list box where I expected to see a list of files with a .vssettings extension. After searching the Internet for this error message I came across several possible causes. Well to cut to the chase, it turns out that the machine I had installed onto did not have the required MSXML6 parser. A VS settings file is XML-based and evidently needs MSXML6 rather than earlier versions of the parser. A quick install of that component from solved the problem.
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  1. Unknown says:

    Thanks for the tip, I had the same problem and this helped me. Although confusingly I did already have MSXML6 installed, but there was something wrong because I uninstalled/reinstalled and now it works. I\’m running WinXP+SP3 and it took me a while to understand what I needed or could install. I had many MSXML versions and updates showing in Add/Remove Programs and after removing 6, the file was still in the windows/sytem32 directory. I decided to consolidate to MSXML 4.0+SP3 and MSXML 6.0(KB933579). Apparently WinXP+SP3 protects msxml6.dll so you can\’t upgrade further to MSXML 6+SP2. I\’m still not sure a) what about future security issues requiring an upgrade and b) do applications that previously worked with say v4 still work with v6? Thanks, Mike.

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