Test Automation with IronPython

There are lots of programming languages you can use when writing test automation. One of my favorites is IronPython. IronPython is a version of the Python scripting language, which can interoperate with the .NET Framework. When comparing different programming languages there are all kinds of technical arguments you can use, but for me an important consideration is simply, "Does the language feel right?" For me, Python/IronPython just feels right. For the record, I also love programming with (in historical order) BASIC, Pascal, C, JavaScript, and C#. Languages which I like, but aren’t really my favorites include Fortran, C++, Ada, PHP, VBScript, F#, and Java. Languages I actively dislike using include COBOL, RPG, LISP, and Prolog. I like learning new programming languages, because each new language seems to give me new insights. Federico Fellini said, "A different language is a different vision of life." He was of course talking about spoken languages but I think the same is true in a way about programming languages.
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