Web Application UI Testing with jQuery

There are many ways to test a Web application through its user interface. In the case of Web applications intended for use by actual humans, manual testing in some form is almost always essential. But automated Web app UI testing can be very useful in many scenarios too. In the December issue of MSDN Magazine I describe an automated testing approach which uses the jQuery library. The jQuery library is an open source collection of JavaScript functions. Although jQuery was created with Web development in mind, it can be used to write pretty neat test automation too. The image below shows an example. The Web page in the left frame contains some test-related UI controls and a jQuery script which exercises the Web app under test in the right frame. Two advantages of using jQuery compared to alternative approaches are that jQuery is to a large extent browser-independent and you can write very customized automation. One disadvantage of using jQuery compared to test frameworks such as Selenium is that you must write code at a lower level of abstraction. You can view my article online at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/gg490354.aspx.

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