Two Excellent .NET Developer Conferences

There are two excellent conferences coming up for software developers who use Microsoft .NET technology. By sheer coincidence (I asked the organizers), both conferences will be during the same week, March 26 through March 30, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two conferences are DevConnections ( and Visual Studio Live ( I’ve spoken at and attended both of these conferences in the past and can recommend both. The best way for you to get a feel for what they’re like, and how they differ from each other, is to go to the conferences Web sites and examine the schedules and descriptions of talks. I will be presenting short out-of-band talks at both events. My talks will be about artificial intelligence techniques — things that are probably not immediately useful to most developers but topics that many developers find quite interesting. By the way, my recommendation of these two conferences is not based on the fact that I’ll be speaking at them — I wouldn’t be speaking at the events if I didn’t believe they delivered a good product to attendees. My two talks will be on “Simulated Bee Colony Algorithms” and “Particle Swarm Optimization”. Check out the conference sites and if you make it out to Las Vegas be sure to track me down and say hello.

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