DevIntersection – A Promising New Developer Conference

I am tentatively scheduled to give a talk at a new conference for software developers who use Microsoft technologies. The conference is called DevIntersection and their Web site is at DevIntersection is being organized by the people who used to run the DevConnections conferences and those were always very well run conferences, so, when I was asked if I could speak at DevIntersection’s first event, I quickly agreed. The conference runs from Sunday, December 9 through Wednesday, December 12. The event is in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand Hotel. One of the reasons I agreed to speak at DevIntersection is the great hotel room rate — only $99 a night.

Other speakers at DevIntersection include Scott Guthrie, a corporate vice president, and Steve Fox, a director in the Azure group. My talk is titled “Easy Naive Bayes Predictions for Developers”. The talk will explain in very simple terms what Naive Bayes is, present some demos coded in C#, and explain how developers can add powerful prediction ability to their applications. I’m impressed that DevIntersection is willing to use a valuable speaking spot on a forward-looking topic, instead of some overdone topic like ASP.NET MVC.

I always enjoy speaking at conferences. In addition to all the interesting information I pick up, and all the interesting people I meet, I come back to work with new energy and enthusiasm. I encourage you to check out the DevIntersection conference.

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