Pattern Recognition using Perceptrons

I wrote an article that explains what a perceptron is, and how to use perceptrons to perform pattern recognition. The article appears in the March 2013 issue of Visual Studio Magazine and is titled “Modeling Neuron Behavior in C#”. See

A perceptron is code that models the behavior of a single biological neuron. A neural network can be thought of as a collection of perceptrons. There are five reasons why someone might want to read the article:

1. Perceptrons can be used to solve simple but practical pattern-recognition problems. (see image below)

2. Understanding perceptrons provides you with a good foundation for learning about neural networks, which are very complex.

3. Knowledge of perceptrons is almost universal for anyone who works in the field of machine learning.

4. Several of the techniques used in programming perceptrons can be useful in other problem scenarios.

5. You might simply enjoy learning about software based on the behavior of a biological system.

Perceptrons have been around for decades so why did I write an article about a well-known topic? There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of articles about perceptrons available on the Internet. But I could find no articles that, in my opinion, adequately explained both the principles of perceptrons and showed the practical details of how to implement perceptrons in code.


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