The 2013 Microsoft Build Conference

Last week I spoke at the 2013 Microsoft Build Conference. Build is Microsoft’s primary annual event that targets software developers. This year the conference was in San Francisco from June 26-28, and had about 7,000 people. My talk was “Developing Neural Networks using Visual Studio”. I described exactly what neural networks are, explained the seven core topics that a developer needs to know in order to write a neural network classifier from scratch, and showed a non-trivial demo. My talk was recorded and can be viewed at

I thought this year’s Build event was one of the best I’ve attended. There was a lot of energy, many interesting talk topics, and the keynotes were (in my opinion) very good in the sense that they weren’t completely marketing hype but rather, clearly presented Microsoft’s vision for where software development is headed. One attendee mentioned to me that he felt that Microsoft hadn’t been paying enough attention to software developers recently, but this year’s Build event seemed to be a nice correction. I agree with those statements.


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