The 2013 DevIntersection Conference

The 2013 DevIntersection Conference is one of my favorite conferences for .NET developers. I will be giving a short talk at the upcoming event, which runs from Sunday, October 27 through Wednesday, October 30, 2013. The event is in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand Hotel. My talk is titled “Developing Neural Networks using Visual Studio” where I’ll explain exactly that. See

Or, let me say, I hope I’ll be speaking at the event. I broke my leg in several places two weeks ago (and separated my ankle and tore ligaments). I have had a couple of surgeries already, and I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to hop around on crutches within two weeks.

One of the coolest things about DevIntersection is that attendees get their choice of a Surface RT tablet, or a (certificate for the soon-to-be-released) XBox One. Also, Las Vegas is by far my favorite place for conferences — low room prices, great food, lots to do, low air fares.

DevIntersection is a relatively new event. DevIntersection is run by the people who used to run the DevConnections event. DevConnections is still around, and they just had their conference, also in Las Vegas, two weeks ago. By the way, another major Microsoft Technologies conference is Visual Studio Live. I can highly recommend all three conferences. The three conferences have slightly different focuses but all three are well worth the money in my opinion.

DevIntersection, DevConnections, and Visual Studio Live are conferences which are run by separate companies, but which are sponsored by Microsoft (although I don’t know what the details of the sponsorship are). The pure Microsoft conferences for developers are TechEd and Build. The Microsoft Management Summit, which was more of an event for IT developers, will be merged into TechEd in 2014. The 2014 TechEd conference will be May 12-15, in Huston, Texas. I don’t think the dates for the 2014 Build conference have been announced. By the way, the Build conference used to be the separate Professional Developer Conference (PDC) and MIX (no idea what the acronym meant but it was for ASP.NET developers).

Anyway, you likely can’t go to all these developer events, but I’ve spoken at and observed DevIntersection, DevConnections, Visual Studio Live, Build, and TechEd, and can highly recommend them all. DevIntersection is just around the corner, so check out that Web site first.


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