2014 Visual Studio Live Conference in Las Vegas

I’m getting pretty excited for the 2014 Visual Studio Live conference in Las Vegas. The event will be held from March 10-14 at the Planet Hollywood hotel and casino on the Strip. I speak at conferences quite often, and most of the events I speak at are in Las Vegas. I always enjoy going to Las Vegas because there is so much to do even when not attending a conference session. I especially like to people-watch and just walk around. . . well, OK, and maybe drink and gamble just a little bit.


I’m more excited than usual for the VS Live conference because I haven’t been to Las Vegas for quite a few months. I was scheduled to speak at three conferences over the past few months, but I broke my leg in several places and couldn’t travel.

Sometimes I’m a bit hesitant to recommend any one particular conference. These types of events are fairly pricey, and the benefit you get from a conference depends on a lot of factors including your background, your goals, and so on. And there are several alternative conferences that are good too. That said however, I can at least strongly recommend that you take a careful look at the Visual Studio Live conference to see if it might be right for you.

My talk will be “Introduction to Neural Networks and Speech Recognition with C#”. The little image below has a link to the conference Web site that has my speaker code embedded in the link. I think that if you use this link and register for VS Live, you may be able to get a discount off the registration fee. If you are trying to register and don’t see a discount, be sure to call or e-mail the VS Live people, and ask.


Or if you prefer to go directly to the conference Web site, you can use this URL:


It seems as though there has been a significant increase in the number of software developer conferences lately. Another trend is that some conferences, like Visual Studio Live, are holding slightly smaller events (in terms of number of attendees) in different cities rather than fewer, larger events. For example, in 2014 Visual Studio Live will have conferences in Las Vegas (March 1-14), Chicago (May 5-8), Redmond (August 18-22), Washington DC (October 6-9), and Orlando (November 17-21). I guess the idea is to reduce attendees’ travel costs. But give me the glitz and false-glamour of Las Vegas any day!

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