Neural Networks using C# Succinctly

I wrote a new book titled “Neural Networks using C# Succinctly”. It was published this week. There are many existing books on neural networks but no good ones (in my opinion) that focus on how to create neural networks from a software developer’s point of view. My book is free and you can download a PDF version from here:


I’ve written books before but for “Neural Networks using C# Succinctly” the process was a bit different. I was sitting at my desk one day when I got an unsolicited phone call. Normally I never answer such calls but on this particular day, I did. The call was a young woman named Hillary Bowling who worked for a company called Syncfusion. Hillary asked me if I’d be interested in writing a book about neural networks. There was something different about her voice (in a good way) that sort of reminded me of my best students when I was a college professor. So I asked Hillary to tell me more.

Hillary told me that Syncfusion published relatively short (roughly 100 page) e-books and made them available for free. I was skeptical — I figured there’d have to be a catch of some sort. But in fact, Syncfusion does publish free e-books for software developers. The only minor catch is that you have to register and end up on Syncfusion’s mailing list, but Syncfusion doesn’t take advantage of this (I signed up to see what would happen).

Anyway, it took me a few months to write “Neural Networks using C# Succinctly” (writing a book is much more time-consuming than you might expect) and now it’s available from the Syncfusion Web site. The Syncfusion e-book covers sort of resemble the O’Reilly books which all have some sort of weird animal, except the Syncfusion books have objects such as a horn or a sextant or a camera. My e-book cover has an old fashioned race car. I need to ask Hillary if there is some sort of meaning there.

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