My Top Ten Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes

I’m writing this blog post on the 4th of July. There’s a Twilight Zone marathon on TV (as usual) so I thought I’d list my favorite episodes so you can see if my list has any of your favorites.

1. It’s a Good Life – This is the episode where a young boy, Anthony, has the power to “send people to the cornfield”. He holds his neighbors as virtual hostages. Jack-in-the-boxes are creepy.


2. Nightmare at 20,000 Feet – William Shatner is on an airplane during a storm and thinks he sees some sort of creature on the wing of the airplane. Is he hallucinating or not?


3. Living Doll – Telly Savalas as an evil stepfather does not like his daughter’s Talky Tina doll. The feeling is mutual. “My name is Talky Tina and I’m going to kill you.”


4. Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up? – A group of bus passengers are stranded in a café during a snowstorm. One of them is a Martian scout in advance of an invasion. Why is the café owner not worried?


5. The Howling Man – An American traveler seeks shelter in a remote European castle during a storm. He discovers that Brother Jerome is holding a man captive in a dungeon. Jerome claims the prisoner is Satan. The prisoner claims Jerome is insane. One of them is right.


6. Death Ship – Three astronauts land on an alien planet and find a crashed spaceship identical to theirs – complete with exact replicas of dead versions of themselves! Are they really dead? Is it alien mind control? An alternate dimension?


7. To Serve Man – A group of seven-foot tall aliens come to earth bearing gifts. Two skeptical code breakers try to discover if the aliens are benign or just hungry.


8. The Jeopardy Room – A Soviet agent (played by Martin Landau) is attempting to defect to the West but is trapped inside a dingy hotel room by an assassin. The assassin tells him the room is rigged with a bomb. Is the trigger hooked to the door knob? The window latch?


9. The Silence – At an old school men’s club, an aristocratic member is annoyed by a new-money member who is constantly talking. They bet $500,000 the talky guy can/cannot stay silent for exactly one year. A double-twist ending.


10. Mirror Image – A woman waiting at a bus stop experiences weird events. She thinks she sees her exact twin. Is the twin real? Is the twin an evil replica from another dimension? Or is she just having a nervous breakdown?


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