Machine Learning using C# Succinctly

A book I wrote has just been published — “Machine Learning using C# Succinctly”. See The publisher is Syncfusion Press. They’re an interesting company because they publish technical books and make them freely available, if you register your e-mail address. This allows the company to send you e-mail messages, but they’re pretty reasonable about it (I investigated before I committed to writing the book).


In the book I explain in detail how to code basic machine learning systems using the C# programming language. The table of contents is:

Chapter 1 – K-Means Clustering
Chapter 2 – Categorical Data Clustering
Chapter 3 – Logistic Regression Classification
Chapter 4 – Naive Bayes Classification
Chapter 5 – Neural Network Classification

These five topics are more-or-less the “Hello World” (fundamental) techniques in machine learning. By the way, there’s no consensus agreement on exactly what machine learning means. In my mind, machine learning is any system that uses data to make predictions.

If you’re a developer who uses the Microsoft technologies stack, you might want to take a look at the book. As I mentioned, it’s available in PDF form as a free download. Hard to beat that price.

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