The 2015 Visual Studio Live Conference in San Francisco

I will be speaking at the 2015 Visual Studio Live conference, in San Francisco, from June 15 to 18. See

My talk is “Introduction to R for C# Programmers”. R is an open source programming language used by data scientists and by statistics people. Although R has been around for a long time, over the past 18 months or so demand for people who know R has increased greatly.

Alternatives to R include IBM’s SPSS, SAS, Mathematica, and MatLab and its clones SciLab and Octave. Although I don’t have concrete supporting data, it seems as though R has become the dominant language for data science.


In my talk, I’ll start by explaining why software developers should consider learning a bit about R. Then I’ll explain R from a developer’s point of view. Even though there are quite a few Web sites that have R tutorials, most of them approach R as if the person learning R is a university student majoring in mathematics or physics. I’ll show several examples of problems solved using R and using C#.

The Visual Studio Live conferences are offered in several cities during the year. In 2015 events are in Austin, San Francisco, Redmond, New York, Orlando, and Las Vegas. In my opinion, there are three really good conferences for developers who use Microsoft technologies, and Visual Studio Live is one of those three good conferences.

The 2015 San Francisco event will have about 60 sessions. The topics that interest me the most are Azure cloud computing, data and analytics, and Web development. Usually there’s a large turnout for talks on mobile and Visual Studio related topics. The conference will be in the Fairmont Hotel which has the famous Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar restaurant that I’ve always wanted to see.

Good conferences are typically too expensive for a person to pay themselves, so most attendees have their registration fees paid by their company. Conferences like Visual Studio Live are very efficient and cost effective training for developers (compared to on-site training).

If you’re a developer who uses Microsoft technologies, check out the 2015 Visual Studio Live conference in San Francisco — highly recommended.

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