Recap of the 2015 Seattle PyData Conference

I spoke at the 2015 PyData Conference from July 24-26 in Redmond, Washington (near Seattle). I estimate there were about 1,000 attendees. The PyData Conference is all about the use of the Python programming language for data analysis. See

The conference was hosted by Microsoft and the event was held at the Microsoft conference center. I speak at quite a few conferences and overall, I was quite impressed by PyData in terms of the quality of the speakers, the range of session topics, the conference organization and logistics, and the number of attendees.


My talk was “Swarm Intelligence Optimization using Python”. I described and demonstrated the three main types of swarm optimization algorithms. The session had about 120 people. Before I started speaking, I asked the attendees where they were worked. From a show of hands I estimate about half worked at Microsoft and the other half were from other companies.


The swarm optimization talk was very well received, at least based on the enthusiastic questions during and after the session. To be honest, this didn’t really surprise me, because when I speak at conferences I make a point of trying to speak on topics that are interesting and understandable regardless of an attendee’s background.


The 2015 PyData Conference was fairly business-like and serious, but there was a nice little mini-Expo area where companies like O’Reilly Media, Continuum Analytics, and Dato had information booths. And there was a social event on Saturday night in nearby downtown Bellevue, Wash.

My bottom line is that if you use Python, or are interested in the field of Data Science, you should consider attending PyData 2016 (if there is one.)

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