Recap of the 2015 IT/DevConnections Conference

I spoke at the 2015 IT/DevConnections conference which ran from September 14-17. See The conference is also called DevConnections and Dev Connections.


The event was held at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. I’d estimate there were about 1,000 attendees. Most attendees were either software developers or IT engineers or both. Based on my conversations with attendees, my guess is that about two-thirds of attendees were more in an IT role and about one-third were more developers.

My talk was titled “Introduction to R for C# Programmers”. I described what the R language is (a language is to perform math and statistics analysis) from the point of view of a software developer. I also explained why the use of R is growing quickly and explained four ways that software developers can use R in their work.


All things considered, I enjoyed the DevConnections conference. The most important thing at any technical conference is the content and DevConnections had good speakers and good talks. The venue was very nice too. The Aria is one of my favorite places for conferences (along with the MGM Grand, the Venetian, and Mandalay Bay).

Realistically, most of the actual content at any technical conference can be found online. But attending a conference saves a lot of time compared to learning on your own. I think maybe the most important benefit of attending a conference is the exchange of ideas that happens during ad hoc conversations before and after sessions, and during breaks and lunches. I always return to work after attending a conference with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

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