DevIntersection and IT Edge Intersection Conferences – Last Major Events of 2015

In my opinion, there are about four really good technical conferences each year for software developers and IT engineers who use Microsoft technologies. If you work with computer technology, you know how important it is to keep up with new techniques and products.

The last major event (well, actually events, plural, as I’ll explain shortly) of 2015 is the DevIntersection conference. It will run October 26-29, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. See The main DevIntersection event will have somewhere around 200 sessions aimed at developers who use Microsoft technologies. Topics will include ASP.NET, Visual Studio with C#, Azure, SQL, and so on.


DevIntersection also has an affiliated event, IT Edge Intersection, (see ) that aims more at IT engineers. There’s also the Anglebrackets event that aims at Web developers (see ). Most of my colleagues do a little bit of everything – development, IT, Web dev – and so DevIntersection has a lot to offer.

This will be my third year attending and speaking at DevIntersection. My talk will be “Introduction to R”. I’ll explain what R is (a programming language used for data analysis) and explain how to get up and running with R. I’ll also point out why R has exploded in popularity over the past 18 months or so, and discuss different levels of learning R and how they might influence your career.


So, you might be saying, “Sure, it’s easy to recommend going to a conference in Las Vegas, but how can I get my company to pay for it?” I believe that any money spent by your employer to send you to DevIntersection has a good return on investment. Yes, you could learn a lot of the things that will be presented at the conference by doing self-study via the Internet. But the reality is you probably won’t. Also, you’ll gain new information very efficiently at the conference, as opposed to thrashing around the Web.

So, if you work with Microsoft technologies, consider checking out the conference Web sites. If you can convince your boss to send you, I’ll bet you’ll be glad you attended.

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