Recap of the 2015 DevIntersection Conference in Las Vegas

I spoke at the 2015 DevIntersection conference in Las Vegas. The event ran from October 26-29 and was at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas. See DevIntersection is a conference for software developers and IT engineers who use Microsoft technologies.

I estimate there were about 3,000 people at DevIntersection. Most of the attendees I talked to were senior level people at medium and large companies, but there were quite a few attendees who worked for small companies too.


There were a lot of good talks at DevIntersection, covering a lot of interesting topics. The most-attended talks seemed to be talks about ASP.NET Web development. In a way this isn’t surprising because Web development is sort of chaotic with new frameworks continually being introduced, and constant flux in general.


My talk was “Introduction to R”. I explained that R is a scripting language plus an interactive environment plus a large collection of functions. R is used mostly for statistical data analysis. I showed a few examples of R and described why developers might want to learn R.


Overall, DevIntersection was excellent. I’d grade it a solid “A”. The speakers were good (most of them very experienced), the topics were interesting (to me anyway), and the venue was great (Las Vegas is by far my favorite place for conferences). And there was a nice little Expo area with about 20 companies represented, including Microsoft Retail (where I chatted with Ashley and David). If you work with Microsoft technologies, I recommend that you give strong consideration to attending the next DevIntersection conference.

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