12 Conferences for Software Developers in 2016

Here are a few 2016 conferences for software developers that you might want to investigate. Because I work with mostly with the Microsoft technologies stack, and I live on the West Coast (Seattle area), my list is biased towards those kinds of conferences (and events that I speak at).


1. Big Data Innovation Summit, January 28-29, Las Vegas. This event is really more about data analysis than software development, but because data has become increasingly important, you might want to check this event out. Co-located with a data analytics event. See http://theinnovationenterprise.com/summits/.

2. Visual Studio Live, March 7-11, Las Vegas. VS Live is one of my three favorite events. It’s relatively small (maybe about 400 attendees) which gives you a chance to connect with people. VS Live also have 2016 events in Austin, Boston, Redmond, Anaheim, Washington DC, and Orlando. Highly recommended. See http://www.vslive.com.

3. Microsoft Build, March 30 – April 1, San Francisco. The Build conference is a very large event that is mostly forward-looking (read “marketing”) rather than nuts-and-bolts information. Build has a lot of speakers who are managers instead of developers. Very glitzy. See http://build.microsoft.com/.

4. Interop, May 2-6, Las Vegas. Interop is a very big event aimed at both IT engineers and software developers. The event is aligned with InformationWeek magazine. I often speak at Interop. Recommended. See http://www.interop.com.

5. OSCON (Open Source Convention), May 16-19, Austin, Texas. I really enjoy the quirky OSCON event but am a bit annoyed they moved to Austin after being in Portland , OR for as long as I can remember. Recommended. See http://www.oscon.com.

6. There are several Python conferences. PyCon is scheduled for May 28 – June 5, in Portland. See https://us.pycon.org/2016/. SciPy is scheduled for July 11-17 in Austin. See http://scipy2015.scipy.org. PyData hasn’t announced their date for a 2016 U.S. event yet.

7. Better Software West Conference, June 5-10, Las Vegas. This conference is mostly for relatively junior software testers and managers. I have spoken at this event before, but not in several years. In the past I’ve heard some very, very good talks, and some not-so-good talks. Worth checking out. See https://bscwest.techwell.com/.

8. The R User Conference (aka useR!), June 27-30 Stanford, CA. R is a mathematical statistics language so isn’t intended for most software developers. But it may be worth checking out. See http://user2016.org/

9. JavaOne, September 18-22, San Francisco. A very large event for Java developers. Recommended if you use Java. I like Java but I’m not happy with the way Oracle is directing the language. See http://www.oracle.com/javaone/.

10. Microsoft Ignite, September 26-20, Atlanta. Ignite is a large conference aimed mostly at IT engineers who wrestle with systems like Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint. Atlanta is one of my least favorite cities for conferences — no idea why Microsoft would choose such a hot-humid, high-crime city. See http://ignite.microsoft.com.

11. DevConnections, October 10-13, Las Vegas. DevConnections is one of the longest running events for developers and IT engineers who use Microsoft technologies. It also has strong support from IBM. Recommended. See http://www.devconnections.com. (DevConnections is not affiliated with the similar sounding DevIntersection).

12. DevIntersection, October 24-28, Las Vegas. DevIntersection is one of my three favorite events for developers who use Microsoft technologies. Includes a co-located IT Edge conference for IT engineers. Highly recommended. See http://www.devintersection.com/. (DevIntersection is not affiliated with the similar sounding DevConnections).


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