Recap of the 2016 Big Data Innovations Summit in Las Vegas

I spoke at the Big Data Innovations Summit, which ran from January 28-29, 2016, in Las Vegas. The event was different from most I speak at. I estimate there were about 250 attendees. Attendees were a mix of technical (developers, engineers) and business (sales, business development) people.


My talk was Making Predictions using Neural Networks. I explained what types of problems can be solved using NNs, explained how NNs work, and commented about the current state of NNs and Big Data.

There were people from government (for example, the U.S. Census Bureau), technology (Microsoft, Google), commerce (Amazon), manufacturing (Boeing, BMW), media (CBS, NPR), and other realms.

The event was organized by a U.K. based company called IE Innovations, Inc. They put on a lot of these summit-type events in Europe, the U.S., and Asia.

The event was held in the upscale Four Seasons Hotel, which is a hotel-within-a-hotel inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel. I actually stayed at the Delano Hotel which is a hotel-attached-to-a-hotel connected to the Mandalay Bay.


Overall, I give the event a solid four stars out of five. The talks were good, but not great. I really liked the small expo (about 15 companies) in the sense that all the companies were interesting and talking to their representatives gave me insights into what’s going on with companies who target Big Data. And I learned a lot from my conversations with attendees and speakers.

I think the event is somewhat more valuable to people who are in hybrid business+technology roles rather than to people who are in pure technical roles. The bottom line is that I thought the Big Data Innovations Summit was a good use of my time and I’m likely to go back next year.

(Note: Thanks to the event technical staff for taking some photos of me before, during, and after my talk.)

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