The 2016 Interop Conference is Coming Up

The 2016 Interop Conference will take place from May 2-6 in Las Vegas. Interop is a very large conference that is all about computer network hardware, software, and related services. I estimate that there will be about 10,000 people at Interop. See

This will be the 30th year for Interop which makes it probably the largest and longest running network conference. All the major vendors will be represented at the very large Expo which will have something like 250 booths. Interop also holds events in other countries including the UK and Japan.


In addition to the Expo, there will be several hundred talks, including my talk on “Understanding Business Intelligence with Neural Networks”. I’ll explain what neural networks are from the point of view of a company IT engineer or manager.


Talks at Interop fall into two categories. First, there are talks that are really mostly sales and marketing, intended to promote some product or service. Second, there are talks that are more educational and general in nature. Typical talk titles are “Leveraging DevOps for Security in Hybrid Clouds” and “Making Interoperability a Reality: SDN and Open Source”.

Interop is run by a London-based media company named UBM. UBM also publishes many technical journals including “Information Week” and “Dr. Dobbs Journal”.

Attending events like Interop helps attendees stay current with IT products, services, and trends. Interop, like many conferences, isn’t cheap. The regular 5-day pass costs about $3000. But in the IT world, it’s critically important to stay informed so Interop always has plenty of attendees who feel the cost is worth the benefits.

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