An Interview with me at the 2016 Interop Conference

I spoke about neural networks at the 2016 Interop Conference which ran from May 2-6, in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Interop is the largest vendor-neutral computer IT and networking conference in the U.S. It’s very difficult to estimate, but I’d guess there were maybe 5,000 people at Interop.


I was asked to do an interview, presumably because my talk title was a bit more interesting than most topics. I was interviewed by a very nice woman named Sara Peters who works for UBM, the media company that organizes Interop.


Interestingly, I rarely get nervous when I’m giving a talk to a large audience (once I start talking anyway; before every talk I’m always so nervous I feel physically sick), but I do get quite nervous while talking one on one.

I did my best to explain what neural networks are. I think I did OK, but like anything, I could have done a bit better. Here’s a link to the interview on YouTube. I appear about 3 minutes into the video (change httpv to https — I did this so my annoying blog software won’t automatically embed the video into the page):

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  1. paulkunze says:


    first: very nice blog! I love to read every single one of your post. I just wanted to point out that the youtube link has a superflous “v” after http 😉 Keep up the good work!

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