Bing Maps 8 Drawing Control

I’ve been working on a Web-based mapping application. I inherited the application which was developed about four years ago and, to be honest, it’s kind of a mess. The app was created using a hodgepodge of different technologies and has hundreds of files — no Web application should have hundreds of files.

So, as an alternative to fixing up the old app, I’m looking at creating a new version using the soon-to-be released Bing Maps 8 library.

One of the key components of the Web app is the ability for a user to interactively draw geometric shapes. The old app’s code was very convoluted (and of course, undocumented). The Bing Maps 8 library is quite large and is organized into modules. One of the modules is a Drawing Control. The drawing control library is still under development, but I like what I see so far.


The syntax (like many Web / JavaScript technologies) is a bit wacky. Even in my short demo, there are a ton of things going on.


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