A Recap of the 2016 Better Software Conference

The 2016 Better Software Conference was held from June 6-10 in Las Vegas. I estimate there were about 200 attendees, making it one of the smaller software-related conferences I attend / speak at.


Based on conversations I had, most attendees were relatively inexperienced and new to their fields, at least compared to many other conferences where most of the attendees are senior level people.

The talks at BSC tended to be a bit “softer” than most other conferences I attend. For example, typical talk titles at BSC included Product Management: The Innovation Glue for the Lean Enterprise (“the daunting challenge of introducing and increasing innovation in our organizations”) and Your User Stories Are Too Big: Yes, They Are! (“simple yet powerful techniques for breaking big stories into smaller stories”).

The BSC was held at the famous Caesar’s Palace hotel. I made the mistake of saving a few dollars by staying at the less expensive Aria hotel – the walk from Aria to Caesar’s is over two miles which isn’t so bad, but the temperature in Vegas was 109 degrees F.

The BSC event had a small expo where about a dozen companies had displays.


So, if you are in an entry-level position in the software industry, and are interested in soft topics, give attending the 2017 BSC event some consideration.

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