The 2016 DevIntersection Conference Schedule is Shaping Up

The DevIntersection Conference is one of my three favorite conferences for software developers. The conference is held in different cities throughout the year, but my favorite by far is the event in Las Vegas. See

The 2016 DevIntersection Conference will be held from October 25-28 and be at the MGM Grand Hotel. That’s about four months away but the conference organizers have already started to put together a preliminary schedule. I’m going to be giving a talk on data science and the R language — one of the fastest growing technologies among my developer colleagues.


As a bonus, the DevIntersection conference has two additional co-located conferences. The first is called the IT Edge Conference and it is aimed at IT engineers. Of course in many work environments, engineers do both software development and IT related activities, so the topics at DevIntersection and IT Edge will be relevant to most attendees.


The second co-located event is called the Anglebrackets Conference. It is aimed primarily at Web developers. But, again, many engineers work with Web applications and systems as well as application development and IT related activities, so the topics at the Anglebrackets conference will be relevant to many attendees.

One of the reasons why I like DevIntersection and its co-located events is that the speakers are very strong. They know their stuff, and know how to present information well. This fact, plus a good lineup of topics (Richard Campbell, a guy who’s very well-known in the software development community, does most of the topic selection I think) make DevIntersection one of my favorite events.

The DevIntersection event is both expensive and not-expensive. Let me explain. If you have never attended a conference like DevIntersection (and IT Edge and Anglebrackets) and you just look at the prices, you’ll probably think, “Whoa, that’s a lot of money.” But if you have attended similar events, you’ll think, “Whoa, that’s less expensive than most of the training events I go to.” In short, yes, conferences are expensive, but DevIntersection is a very good value compared to similar events.

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