The GraviComp Gravity-Powered Mechanical Computer on Channel 9

The “Channel 9” Web site is an interesting Microsoft site that publishes all kinds of videos. Nick Landry, a colleague of mine at Microsoft (I don’t work directly with Nick but he’s a frequent speaker at software conferences like I am), created a series of videos called the Maker Show. The videos showcase hackathon-like projects built by Microsoft employees.


Several months ago, I built a very large (12 feet high by 4 feet wide) gravity-powered mechanical computer. I call it GraviComp. Nick took an old 4-minute video of GraviComp that I recorded, spiffed it up a bit, and posted the video on Channel 9. See


One of the best things about working at Microsoft is the people — there are some really bright and creative people everywhere at Microsoft. Also, management is, as a general rule, very supportive of creative activities (as long as they complement “real” work in some way).


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  1. dumky2 says:

    Would you have some pointers or more detailed design to share?

    Btw, the youtube video “Mechanical Computer (All Parts) – Basic Mechanisms In Fire Control Computer” which you shared in the Channel 9 video description was pretty awesome. Thanks!

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