My Top Ten Favorite Science Fiction Blob Movies

An interesting (to me anyway) sub-genre of science fiction movies are ones that feature blob-like creatures. There aren’t any really good movies in this category but there are a few interesting ones. Here are 10 of my favorite blob / protoplasm / goo sci-fi movies.

1. Enemy from Space (1957) – Also called “Quatermass II”. British professor Bernard Quatermass (played by American Brian Donlevy) discovers an alien invasion. The aliens are small blob-like creatures. They combine themselves into a big mass just before they’re destroyed. Surprisingly effective and interesting film.


2. Island of Terror (1966) – A British scientist on a small island creates large amoeba-like creatures based on silicon. They replicate quickly. And eat people. Will the villagers and scientists defeat the silicates?


3A and 3B. The Blob (1958 and 1988) – Easily the most well-known blob movies. The 1958 version with Steve McQueen is quite good, and unusually for sci-fi film remakes, the 1988 version is also quite good.



4. X the Unknown (1956) – A British Hammer film. Dr. Adam Royston (played by American Dean Jagger) battles a radioactive glowing blob-like organism that has come up from deep underground. Quite scientific.


5. The Creeping Unknown (1955) – Yet another Hammer film. Also known as “The Quatermass Xperiment”. Dr. Quatermass (Brian Donlevy) oversees a first-men-into-space effort. Three go up. One returns. He’s infected with something and becomes a blob-like creature.


6. The H-Man (1958) – An interesting Japanese film. A hydrogen bomb test creates protoplasm-like H-Men liquid creatures that live in the Tokyo sewers. Fairly complicated plot involves Japanese gangsters.


7. The Flesh Eaters (1964) – Something of a cult favorite. A group of people are stranded on an island with a scientist who has created small blob-like flesh-eating creatures. An attempt to kill them with electricity makes them combine into a big blob.


8. Caltiki the Immortal Monster (1959) – A joint Italian and American production. Caltiki is a big blob monster that lives in ancient Mayan ruins. And can split into new blobs. Flamethrowers are effective against the monsters. I watched this at least one hundred times on TV when I was young.


9. First Spaceship on Venus (1962) – This is a re-editing of a 1960 Polish and East German film “The Silent Star”. A crew of four go to Venus. In a scene that gave me nightmares for years when I was young, a black ooze chases the crew up a spiral ramp around a deserted Venusian building.


10. Angry Red Planet (1959) – A crew of four go to Mars where they encounter a man-eating plant, a giant bat+spider creature, and a giant amoeba creature with one big eye. This movie also gave me nightmares when I was young, mostly because of the weird red tint cinematography.


Honorable Mention

Evolution (2001) is a big-budget comedy sci-fi film that has a really big blob-like creature. Pretty good movie and on a different day would be in my top 10.

Creep Show 2 (1987) is an anthology with three stories including “The Raft” where a blob-like creature in a desolate lake eats college students Deke, Laverne, Randy, and Rachel.

The Space Children (1958) is a relatively obscure but pretty good British film. Didn’t make my list because the alien is really a brain creature and isn’t quite blobby enough.

Bacterium (2006) isn’t a very good movie. The film features, not surprisingly, large bacteria.

The Human Vapor (1960 is a Japanese film, and is pretty good, but the creature is a gas rather than protoplasm.

The Green Slime (1968) isn’t really slime – looks more like a man-sized octopus.

The Creeping Terror (1964) is a really, really, really bad film. Very bad.

The Night of the Big Heat (1967) is an obscure but very good British film with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. But the alien/monster is really not quite blob-like enough to meet my arbitrary criteria.

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