Bing Maps 8 Geospatial Search

The new Bing Maps 8 library has a ton of features. I’m trying to look at one feature every day or so. This morning I looked at BM8 geo-search functions.

In the demo, I load up a map centered near the geographical center of the U.S. (in Nebraska). The first button control sends a request to the Microsoft.Maps.Search module to get the lat-lon location of the city specified in the associated textbox, and then re-centers the map to the city.


The second button control sends a request to the Microsoft.Maps.SpatialDataService module to get shape information to outline the specified city, and then places the outline-shape of the city on the map.


Interesting stuff. There were lots of little details to take care of. Like anything else, reading about a technology can only teach you so much — for me at least, I have to code up demos before I really understand a technology.


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