The 2016 Visual Studio Live Conference in Redmond

Visual Studio Live is one of my favorite conferences for software developers who use Microsoft and open source technologies, both as an attendee and a speaker. VS Live is actually several conferences each year. The VSL events are held in cities such as Las Vegas (typically in March), Redmond (typically in August), Orlando, Austin, and so on. See

Anyway, the 2016 Redmond event is coming up soon; it will be held from August 8-12. Why should you consider attending VS Live? In my opinion, the strengths of VS Live include really good content (some bad conferences essentially sell session slots that end up being a marketing pitch to attendees), a not-enormous size that allows attendees to communicate with each other and the speakers — one of the most important parts of any conference I think, and the before-and-after all-day or half-day intensive workshops — in my opinion the VS Live workshops are the best in the industry (with one possible tie).


Also, VS Live has been around for as long as I can remember. This is a pretty clear indication that a.) the conferences are well-liked by attendees, and b.) the events are organized very well.

Now, to be sure, all conferences are expensive. And it’s just about impossible to quantify the return on investment to a company that sends its developers to VS Live. But I think attending VS Live is money very well spent. The VS Live Web site has a nice link to a page with arguments you can present to your boss to get him/her/them to send you to a VS Live conference.

The organizers of the VS Live event sent me a discount code you can use:

They can use code RDSM05 – that triggers a
5 day price of $1895, $500 off the standard rate!

I’m not speaking at the August VS Live conference this year but I’ll definitely swing by to check the event out.

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