Recap of the 2016 IoT Evolution Conference

I spoke at the 2016 IoT Evolution Conference The event ran from July 11-14 in Las Vegas. See

The event had four main components: workshops, session talks, panel talks, and the Expo. I spoke on one of the panel discussions about the analytics component of IoT. The panel was moderated by Chris Celiberti of the InfieldGroup.


It’s difficult to pin down exactly what IoT (“Internet of Things”) is. I think of IoT as having four parts: devices that generate data, storage that holds the data, analysis systems that analyze the data, and communication technologies that transfer data and information. None of these four things is new, so IoT is largely about combining them in new ways.


In my talk, I described three themes I see. First, the increasing importance of making predictions using machine learning vs. merely gathering and summarizing data. Second, the increasing importance of performing real-time analysis vs. traditional batch processing. Third, the idea that some companies are working bottom-up by trying to solve a specific problem vs. some companies working top-down by trying to create a framework that can solve any IoT problem.

All, in all it was an interesting event and I hope to be invited back to speak again next year.


Shame on me for forgetting the highlight of the entire event — I chatted with Emily Hossellman (in the middle of the picture), the Director of Marketing, and her colleague Kelliann, from the CenterCode company. Super-nice people. Check them out at:


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  1. I was hoping you’d post the picture you took at the Centercode booth, James! Glad you enjoyed the conference. It was nice meeting you!

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