Bing Maps V8 Talk at Microsoft Research

One of the coolest things about working in the technology field is that it’s constantly evolving. The new Bing Maps 8 library is a huge advance from Bing Maps 7. Yesterday, I gave a talk with Ricky Brundritt from the Bing Maps 8 team. Actually I only did three super short demos to illustrate what I felt were the most important new features from a practical point of view. Ricky did most of the talking, presenting a thorough overview of Bing Maps 8.


From my perspective, the most important new features in Bing Maps 8 are two that relate to user interaction — creating pushpins programmatically and a drawing control — and two that relate to large data — heat maps and clustering.

After listening to Ricky’s part of the talk, I realized the Bing Maps 8 has a ton of new features. Many of these features target niche and specialized scenarios and were developed in response to customer/user requests. The number of new features in Bing Maps 8 is quite overwhelming — represents a ton of work by the Bing Maps team.

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