WPF Performance Analysis with Visual Studio 2015 Update 2/3

A WPF application (Windows Presentation Foundation) is the modern way to create desktop applications for Windows systems. With all the interest and hype surrounding Web applications and Mobile applications, it’s easy to forget that desktop applications still have a role in software development.

I’ve got to admit that I’m not a fan of WPF’s UI model which uses a specialized form of XML called XAML to define buttons and layouts — for me truth lies in code and XAML is just an abstraction that gets translated to code behind the scenes. That said however, overall I do like WPF.

Visual Studio 2015 released its Update 3 a few weeks ago and I was poking around to see what’s new. One thing I noticed is a big increase in profiling and analysis tools. These tools can be accessed through a Diagnostics Hub. The Hub contains tools to analyze CPU, GPU, Resource Contention, Memory Usage, and “Application Timeline” (Time Usage).


I looked at the Application Timeline for WPF applications. The tool used to be called XAML UI Responsiveness Tool. Anyway, it’s a pretty sophisticated tool that allows you to examine the timing for different aspects of the UI for a WPF application. Pretty cool.


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