My Top Ten Favorite Outer Limits TV Episodes

The original Outer Limits science fiction TV show ran for only two seasons starting in 1963 but it is quite well known and has several memorable episodes. Here are my ten favorite episodes, listed in the order in which they appeared.

1. The Man Who was Never Born (episode 6) – An astronaut accidentally ends up 185 years in the future and discovers an Earth where a virus has destroyed civilization and mutated the few survivors. Martin Landau goes back in time with the astronaut to try and prevent the disaster. Will he?


2. Corpus Earthling (episode 9) – Bad aliens who resemble crabs but can disguise themselves as rocks have secretly invaded Earth. One scientist has a plate in his skull can hear the aliens communicating. Can he convince people he’s not crazy?


3. Nightmare (episode 10) – In the future, during a war against an alien race, the crew of an Earth spaceship is captured by the aliens and subjected to torture. But all is not what it appears.


4. The Zanti Misfits (episode 14) – Perhaps the most famous episode. A bunch of aliens that resemble cat-sized ants with creepy faces are sent to Earth from the planet Zanti. These are not nice aliens.


5. The Invisibles (episode 19) – The Earth has been invaded by parasitic aliens the attach to humans’ backs. Plot idea is similar to the famous “The Puppet Masters” novel.


6. Specimen Unknown (episode 22) – The crew of a space station find something unusual attached to the outside of their station. They bring it inside. Bad idea. Space seeds that grow to bad plants.


7. A Feasibility Study (episode 29) – Aliens from the planet Luminos kidnap of group of people from Earth as an experiment to see if Earthlings are suitable as slaves. What can the kidnapped people possibly do to prevent the enslavement of Earth?


8. Cry of Silence (episode 38) – A couple is driving in the desert and their car breaks down. The tumbleweeds and rocks do not behave like they should. Quite a scary episode.


9. The Premonition (episode 48) – The pilot of an X-15 rocket plane and his wife jump into a warp 10 seconds ahead of real time. Can they get back?


10. The Probe (episode 49 (last)) – A group of people flying over the ocean during a storm, crash and end up inside an alien space probe. There’s a giant unfriendly microbe crawling around too.


Honorable Mention

The Architects of Fear – Scientists create a fake alien to try and unite Earth against a common enemy and prevent nuclear war.

Soldier – Two soldiers from the future accidentally travel back in time to present day Earth.

The Demon with the Glass Hand – A man wakes up on a deserted Earth with no memory of who he is or why one of his hands is made of glass. Would have been in my top 10 except for the mildly depressing (but clever) ending.

The Invisible Enemy – Space explorers on Mars are disappearing. Sand sharks.

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