A Quick Look at the LINQPad Tool

A colleague of mine was praising a software tool called LINQPad. I had never heard of it so I thought I’d take a look.

I downloaded and installed LINQPad easily. It seems that the tool was designed mostly to issue LINQ queries to a SQL database (as opposed to using the straight SQL language). Well, this was a bust for me because I pretty much scorn LINQ. By that I mean I see zero benefit to a level of abstraction wrapper over straight SQL.


But LINQPad can also interpret C# code. Interesting! The scenario that intrigues me is this: every now and then, while working on a C# project, I’ll need to do some sort of auxiliary work like processing a text file. It’s quite annoying to have to spin up a complete C# project in Visual Studio. But with LINQPad I can just issue C# statements and execute them immediately.

So, for some developers LINQPad might be very useful. But for me, no. The benefits I get are not worth having yet another utility program in my personal software tool bench.

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