Calculating CNTK Model Accuracy with a Python Script

I’ve been exploring the cool new CNTK (Computational Network Tool Kit) program. It was designed to do deep neural networks but the tool can also do logistic regression classification.


I did a couple of short experiments that are best explained with an image. The goal is to classify an arbitrary thing coded as 0 or 1, using two numeric values. When CNTK runs, after it calculates a magic prediction model, it spits out the error term for the test data. In this case the “0.11971580 * 4” means the average error across the four test items was 0.1197.

But nowhere could I find an accuracy — how many predictions did the model get correct? So I wrote a Python script to calculate accuracy.

One of the outputs of CNTK is a .p file that gives predicted probabilities. If a probability is less than 0.5 the prediction is class 0. If p >= 0.5 the prediction is class 1.

My Python script reads the four test file items, and peels off the actual class labels (0 or 1), and stores into a list. Then it reads the four p-values and stores into a second list. Then it walks through the two lists and calculates number correct predictions (if label == 0 and p = 0.5, or if label = 1 and p greater-than-or-equal 0.5).

As a useful side effect, my Python was a bit rusty and I noticed my accuracy-script had almost every key syntax item, so the script will make an excellent Python quick-reminder for the next time I have to write a script after being away from Python for a while.


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