The 2016 Visual Studio Live Conference in Redmond Wrap-Up

The Visual Studio Live conferences are events for software developers and IT engineers who use Microsoft technologies. Unlike most conferences that happen once a year, VS Live has roughly six events per year in different cities including Orlando, Austin, Las Vegas, and Redmond.

The 2016 Redmond event ran from August 8-12 and was held on the Microsoft campus. I often speak at VS Live events, but usually at the Las Vegas event (which is typically in March). I didn’t speak at the Redmond event but since it was just a few hundred yards away from my office I dropped by and said hello to the event organizers and listened in on a few talks.


One of the strengths of the VS Live conferences is the organization. In the picture below you can see Brent S. standing and Danielle P. farthest from the front. They’ve been running VS Live for as long as I can remember. Solid organization means attendees maximize the value they get from attending.


The VS Live tech chair, Brian Randall, is also a key ingredient, and he always puts together a strong lineup of topics. He’s one of those guys who knows a lot about a lot of different tech topics.

Check out the main VS Live Web page at htttp:// to see if there’s an event coming up near you. I expect to be at the March 2017 VS Live in Las Vegas where I’ll talk about a cool new product from MS Research that hasn’t been released yet.

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