Creating an Azure DocumentDB Database

Azure DocumentDB is a NoSQL database system. Instead of storing data using SQL tables, data is stored as JSON “documents”, which are somewhat like a C# object.

I was investigating the feasibility of using DocumentDB for a project I’m working on, so I did a test. Let me cut to the chase and say my overriding impression was not good, mostly because the Azure DocumentDB documentation was terrible, which was caused by constant changes to Azure.

Open message to Azure: Stop the constant fiddling and only make changes when necessary. Every change renders existing documentation obsolete and creates an ever-increasing mountain of bad documentation that makes finding how to do something an incredibly annoying task.

Anyway, there are four main steps. First, create a DocumentDB account. Second, create a database in the account. Third, create a collection in the database. Fourth, create one or more JSON documents in the collection.

Here are some images (that will likely be rendered obsolete within weeks) to give you an idea of what DocumentDB is like. Click on an image to enlarge it.

1. Create DocumentDB account:


2. Create a database:


3. Create a collection (in the database):


4. Create a document in the collection:


Among my colleagues, we generally agree that Azure has great potential, but the developer experience can often be terribly painful because of constant changes made to everything.

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