My New Book “SciPy Programming Succinctly”

I wrote a new book titled “SciPy Programming Succinctly” that was just published last week. See

The two most popular open source programming languages for data science and machine learning are Python and R. The Python language was originally designed with a general purpose list data type but without an array type.


The NumPy (“numerical Python”) library adds an array type plus a handful of intermediate-complexity functions that work with arrays. The SciPy (“scientific Python”) library adds many advanced-complexity functions for data science programming.

In my book, I describe how to install the Python-NumPy-SciPy stack and how to write SciPy programs (well, technically scripts) as opposed to using SciPy interactively. The book is short (120 pages) and best of all, free (in a downloadable PDF format).

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