Las Vegas and Technology and Innovation and the Dynasty Machine

One of the reasons I enjoy speaking at conferences in Las Vegas is that I always see something new and thought-provoking.

At a recent conference, I was in the Bellagio casino. I saw a very large video screen with three dealers with tables in front. It is called the Dynasty game. Facing the dealers and the video screen were maybe 16 players. Each player had a chair and a console.


There can be up to 8 games going on but in the photo there are six games going on. The first dealer works Baccarat 1 and Baccarat 2. The second dealer works Rolette 3 and Roulette 5. The third dealer works Baccarat 6 and Baccarat 7.


For example, the third dealer deals a hand for Baccarat 6. As cards are dealt, they are scanned by the dealing shoe machine and the card information is displayed on the players’ consoles. After the dealer finishes Baccarat 6, he immediately deals Baccarat 7, and then back to Baccarat 6. On so on. The other two dealers are playing like this too.

There is no direct communication between dealers and players. Weird. In effect, players are playing a video game except that the cards are dealt by a captive human instead of a machine.

Well, on the one hand, this is fascinating from a technology perspective. But it’s mildly disturbing to me somehow. I actually talked to one of the dealers. She did not like working this game at all. Just dealing cards mindlessly, and not speaking for eight hours, was mind-numbing according to her.

All that said, Vegas never ceases to amaze me.

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