Some Thoughts about Creating a Web Site using Azure

I was tasked with creating a publically accessible Web site. I wanted to use Microsoft Azure Cloud services for several reasons, but mostly, it seems like the Cloud is the wave of the future.

There are many ways to create a Web site using Azure. You can go to the Azure portal, then create a so-called Azure Web App, then create a Web site on your local machine using Visual Studio, then publish to local Web site up to the Azure App:


This approach seems good for relatively simple Web sites, but I needed more control over the Web site I was designing (mostly because I wasn’t exactly sure what the final design would be).

So, my next investigation was to create a virtual machine in Azure, which would allow me full control. It turns out that you can create a “classic virtual machine” or a newer type just called “virtual machine” in the UI:


I had great difficulty using the new type of virtual machine, but the classic virtual machine approach worked (after a lot of trial and error and wading through documentation). I installed Visual Studio on the VM and developed directly on the machine.

In short, for me, the next time I need to create a Web site using Azure, I’ll go directly to the classic virtual machine approach.

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