The Aurelia Framework – Hate It, Love It, Hate It

Last week I took a fairly deep dive into the Aurelia Framework. Personally, I think it’s an abomination but I can understand why some Web developers like it.

It’s not easy to explain what Aurelia is. In essence, Aurelia is a language built on top of JavaScript. You write Aurelia code, build the code, and you end up with JavaScript.

Why? Well, if you want to write a very complex Web site, you can quickly go out of control if you use plain JavaScript. Aurelia enforces structure.


However, Aurelia has an extremely steep learning curve, is maintained more or less as a vanity project by one guy, is in flux, has a zillion dependencies, and still has bugs. (Note that I’ve exaggerated things for simplicity).

I discussed Aurelia and other JavaScript-related frameworks (notably Angular) with very experienced Web developers. The general consensus was that they didn’t like frameworks but that for projects that are being developed by junior level developers, a framework can be useful.

Aurelia — for me, thanks but no thanks.

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2 Responses to The Aurelia Framework – Hate It, Love It, Hate It

  1. Review is shit but no shit.

    • I don’t exactly follow what you mean, but I wish I had more time to discuss Aurelia’s pros and cons. In my job I often have to pick up a project that was abandoned by other developers, often two or more years earlier. Whenever I get a project that used a JavaScript framework, the project almost never can be saved because the framework, and more importantly the associated dependencies, have changed so much that the project simply cannot be salvaged. In terms of the bigger picture, an interesting question is, “Why do so many JavaScript frameworks exist?”

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