The Unity Game Engine

Unity is a game engine that can be used to develop video games for PCs, game consoles, mobile devices, Web sites. Unity is exposed through a native IDE (as in the image) or through a Visual Studio IDE plugin.


I hadn’t looked at Unity for a while so I downloaded and installed the free version. I’ve got to say Unity is quite impressive from a technical perspective.

I’m not a gamer type of person. I just don’t get very much enjoyment playing the types of games that can be produced by Unity (but I do enjoy strategy games such as chess and backgammon). While I was investigating Unity I was thinking a bit philosophically. In my world of mathematics and algorithms, there are no limits. If you can imagine it, you can implement it (at least in principle). But in Unity, as remarkable as it is, you are constrained by game objects and (somewhat by) physics.

For me, the most fun part of working on a game would be writing AI code. But it’s unlikely I’ll ever be in a position to do so.

Well, there’s no particular moral here. If you have any interest in gaming, you might enjoy playing around with Unity which comes with a sample car game.

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