A Brief Look at the Eclipse Neon Tool

I use several different programming languages. Most of my programming is done in C# but I use a lot of Java too. Like many things, it’s important to practice a programming language or you can get stale. It had been several months since I last used Java, and I had a clean PC, so I thought I’d install Java and refresh my memory.

There are several IDEs for Java, but Eclipse is my favorite by far. I went to the Eclipse download site and saw that “Neon” was the current version, succeeding the older Mars release, which replaced Luna, and so on.

The installation went smoothly, but that’s likely due to the fact I’ve installed Eclipse many times.


It took me about 30 minutes to get into a Java mindset. It’s really not so much about the language syntax, it’s more about the language’s higher level constructions like Projects, Packages, and Classes that take a while to recall, at least when I’ve been using C# Solutions, Namespaces, and Classes.

I like Java a lot, but I do prefer C# — mostly because I use C# so much more often I think.

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