The 2017 Visual Studio Live Conference is Coming Up

The 2017 Visual Studio Live conference will be held from Monday, March 13 through Friday, March 17 in Las Vegas. See

VS Live is one of my three favorite events for software engineers who use Microsoft technologies. And overall, I prefer VS Live to the Ignite and Build events because VS Live is smaller (typically 300 to 600 attendees) which allows a more personal touch.


If you write code, you should check VS Live out. Of course, the problem is money. None of the good conferences, including VS Live, are inexpensive. It’s not feasible in most cases to foot the bill by yourself, so you really need to get your employer to pay the costs. The VS Live Web site has a nice page that gives you advice on how to “Sell Your Boss”.


I’ll be giving two talks at the 2017 VS Live conference. The first is “Introduction to R and Microsoft R Server”. The second is “Introduction to Azure Machine Learning”. My theme is that machine learning techniques are slowly but surely becoming must-have skills for developers.

Because I’m a speaker, the VS Live people (Brent, Danielle, Sara, Michelle, and the rest of the team), who are very nice by the way, told me I can offer you a discount of $500 off the regular price of $2395 for a 5-day all-access pass. The offer is good through Friday, February 17.

You don’t need machine learning to know that’s a pretty good deal. To get the discount, when you fill out the registration form, use code LVSPK28.

If you attend VS Live, be sure to seek me out and say “hello”.



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