“R Programming Succinctly” – Free e-Book

A book I wrote, “R Programming Succinctly” was published on June 5, 2017. See https://www.syncfusion.com/resources/techportal/details/ebooks/R-Programming_Succinctly. The R language is, arguably, the default, open source language for Data Science. My e-book describes how to write R language programs, as opposed to using R language functions in an interactive mode.

The book is available as a free PDF, or in free Amazon Kindle format.

Free? Yes. The Syncfusion company has created a library of free e-books. There’s no catch except that you have to supply an e-mail address when you register. Syncfusion will send you some advertising every now and then, but they’re very restrained (a message only about once a month or so) and quite a few of their messages are useful and interesting.

The Table of Contents is:

Chapter 1 explains how to install R and write and execute R programs. Chapter 2 explains the differences between R vectors, lists, arrays, matrices, and data frames — data structures that are quite different from those used in other languages.

Chapter 3 carefully explain how to use the wildly different R OOP models: list-based, R3, R$, and RC. Chapter 4 illustrates how to create custom R libraries. Chapter 5 shows how to code program-defined random number generators, neural networks, and bee colony optimization.

If you use R, you should find “R Programming Succinctly” quite useful.

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