I do an Interview with InformationWeek Magazine

A few weeks ago I spoke at the 2017 Interop Conference. Interop is a very large conference with many topics related to IT in general — hardware, software, management, and so on. My talk at Interop was an introduction to machine learning for people who work in IT.

While I was a Interop, I did a short video interview. Basically, I addressed three questions. What is machine learning and AI? What is the role of IoT and Big Data with ML/AI? What do I think about the idea that the world’s first trillionaire will be an AI entrepreneur?

The video interview was posted on the InformationWeek Web site. See http://www.informationweek.com/big-data/software-platforms/artificial-intelligence-will-redefine-the-world/a/d-id/1329254

InformationWeek is owned by UBM, a media company that also runs the annual Interop conference. It’s common for media companies to have several channels such as print journals, Web sites, and conferences and events.

Wrapped around my video interview is a short story written by UBM’s Susan Fogarty. I think she did a very nice job and I found her article interesting and accurate.

The moral is that machine learning and AI are topics that have captured the attention of just about everyone. As recently as a few years ago, ML/AI was of interest to only a very small community of researchers. Now ML/AI seems to be talked about everywhere.

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