My “Bing Maps V8” e-Book is Published

I wrote an e-book titled “Bing Maps V8”. You can get a free PDF copy of the book at You will have to register an email address, but the publisher, Syncfusion, is very restrained in the marketing. In fact, most of their messages have useful information.

Bing Maps V8 is a JavaScript code library that allows you to create interactive maps on a Web page. The version 8 library is a big upgrade from version 7, which in turn was a big upgrade from Virtual Earth.

I wrote the e-book for myself as much as for anyone else. Although the Bing Maps V8 documentation is quite good, there’s a lot of it, and because there are many different documentation authors, the examples aren’t as consistent as they could be, in my opinion.

The e-book has 12 complete Web mapping applications, each of which demonstrate a key technique:

Chapter 1 – Getting Started
1.1 Hello World
1.2 Creating a Bing Maps Key
1.3 User Input and Output

Chapter 2 – Fundamental Techniques
2.1 Pushpins and Infoboxes
2.2 Interactive Drawing
2.3 Map Bounds

Chapter 3 – Working with Data
3.1 Choropleth Maps
3.2 Data from a Web Service
3.3 Heat Maps

Chapter 4 – Advanced Techniques
4.1 Clustered Pushpins
4.2 Geo-Search
4.3 Gradient Legends
4.4 Custom Infobox Objects

There are several other mapping libraries available, but Bing Maps V8 is one of the best, and specifically, is better than Google Maps in my opinion.

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